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New Commando Field Blouse is made by Leo Köhler company, one of the leading suppliers to the Bundeswehr. The Kommando Feldbluse is based on the German mil-specs and has the following features: made of 80% cotton and 20% Nylon Rip-Stop in the original PHANTOMLEAF camouflage pattern WASP II Z4 and features: 2 large breast pockets, Front closure with Velcro and fleece (no pressure points due to zip when wearing ballistic vest), 2 upper arm pockets with Velcro, Adjustable cuffs. Worn by Special Forces soldiers. New and unissued condition. 



2 large breast pockets

Front closure with Velcro and fleece

2 upper arm pockets with Velcro

Adjustable cuffs

Velcro fastening strips for rank and name sewn national markings

80% cotton and 20% Nylon Rip-Stop

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